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Human Being, Mental Health Advocate, Life Coach, Motivational Speaker, Scholar, Consultant, Published Author

"The will to win, the desire to succeed and the urge to reach your full potential are the keys that will unlock the door to personal excellence."

- Confucius



Mission Statement


At the age of 18, I experienced a traumatic loss of my athletic and self-identity due to a situation I had no control over. This resulted in me carrying a great deal of negativity and lack of passion for over a year and a half of my life. It wasn't until I accepted the outcome and worked on myself that I realized that the situation I was dealt with was the catalyst I needed to be successful. This moment made me the man I am today and I am grateful for my tragedy! 


Life is filled with positive and negative experiences that will alter an individual's mindset, emotions and behaviors. ​Asking people for help is not a sign of weakness, but recognizing that you have the capacity and desire to improve upon multiple areas of your life. Life is already difficult, so don't make it harder on yourself.

As your Life Coach, I will personally be alongside your journey providing professional insight, words of encouragement and a surge of positive energy that cannot be replicated! 

Want a better life? It starts with YOU!

Throughout your life's journey, the most important thing to remember is: 

Stay HYPE!

My Passion

ADVERSITY. It fuels my passion because once you are tested and are at your most vulnerable, that is when you can be at your strongest! Helping people achieve their goals and seeing the happiness on their faces is what continues to motivate me. It's one thing to be nervous about dreaming BIG, but one cannot talk themselves out of trying! Results come from consistent action, positive attitude and being comfortable with failing, which will LEAD YOU TO SUCCESS!

My Commitment

Challenging clients to strengthen self-confidence, maintain a positive state of mind and explore meaningful options for their lives is my commitment to coaching. People have a general idea of what they want in life, yet they may lack the focus, knowledge or dedication into making their dreams a reality. BELIEVE in yourself, STOP making excuses and LIVE your life to the fullest


William Crest, Former West Virginia University Quarterback

"HYPE. That word in itself describes everything about Mykal and his teachings. He helped me understand how to look at things from a different perspective."

Bailey Johnson, Undergraduate Student

"You don’t judge people based on their past or what they want to do in the future. You inspire me to want to change the world even more than before we met. You understand things in a way that others don’t when it comes to coaching, motivation and being resilient."

Deonte Glover, NFL Prospect

"Through his life coaching, Mykal has single handedly walked me through the lowest point that I have ever been in my life and has helped me reach some of the highest peaks in my life. His encouraging nature, positive character and personality acts as a catalyst for people wanting to become successful."

Josh Best, Mentor for Student-Athletes

“You help me keep focused on the right path and remind me that I can obtain the results I want. You are smart, motivated, persistent and goal-driven."

Chase Sanchez, Aspiring Government Intelligence Employee

"The insight Mykal provides doesn’t feel like advice, it feels like encouragement. Mykal helped me climb out of a dark place during my life and provided direction to create happiness for myself.”

Jack Watson, Childhood Friend

"When I heard Mykal was going to be a Life Coach, I couldn't think of a more perfect position for him. He doesn't back down from a task no matter how daunting!"

Christele Albert, Founder of Changes Athlete Development

"I remember being in a state of confusion and doubt, but after having a talk with Mykal l left the conversation inspired and on fire! He has a burning passion for what he does, his self-discipline and mindset sets him apart from others. His hunger and grit can't go unnoticed."



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